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Type of business

Type of business Typical operations Main source of earnings
Holds your private investable assets. Owns stakes in other enterprises, real estate, bonds or other investments. Dividends, interest, rents, capital gains.
Buys and sells physical goods over national borders. Often adds value through processing, repackaging or distribution. Price difference between the purchase and the sale.
Uses human skills and professional knowledge to provide its clients with valuable services. Professional fees and service charges.
Develops and monetizes software applications and information technology products. Contract fees, software license fees, advertising revenue.
Carries out research and development, owns and monetizes patents and other intellectual property. Royalties, patent fees, content licensing fees.
Provides and organizes transportation and warehousing, owns or controls vessels, vehicles and equipment. Shipping charges.
Uses own funds to provide payment services, private or business lending and financing. Interest, payment charges.
Other type of business

Ownership and management

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Directors and management


Accounting and auditing.

During its first year of operations:

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Most popular additional services

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1, 840

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All professional fees (excluding state fees) will be subject to additional Cyprus VAT of 19%. Please submit your configuration - You may qualify for a discount!

Price details total 1, 265
Core services
Description Price
Professional and legal fees for new company formation. 350
Registered office and resident secretary services for the 1st year. 500
State registration fees. Includes name approval, registration and registry-certified copies of all filings. 415